Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define- You need this!

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define- You need this!

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define has taken the makeup world by storm. This isn’t an ordinary concealer at all. The concealer works amazingly and for the ridiculously cheap price of only £4 and £7 for the supersize Conceal and Define.

After using it only a couple of times, I was sold. It didn’t take long to understand the hype around it!

What is Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define all about?

When you buy a concealer what’s the most important factor for you? Mine is that it covers my blemishes and dark circles…very well. I imagine your expectations are pretty similar

What I don’t like, is when a concealer covers my spots seamlessly for an hour, or maybe 2, but then after it goes shiny, or shows every line and pore. I’ve used some expensive concealers before that have done exactly that.

That’s where don’t judge a book by its cover comes in. Or more like, don’t judge a product by its price and designer name.

The Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define comes in pretty, clear packaging with pearly purple/pink writing. It comes in 2 sizes, the standard and the supersize which has 3 times the amount of product.

The doe-foot applicator makes applying the concealer easy and mess-free.

I love the texture of the concealer. Although it is more on the thick side, it is really easy to apply and feels so smooth and soft on the skin.

The plus side of the concealer being a thick consistency is that it is super pigmented. And because the concealer is so highly pigmented it covers every spot, blemish, discolouration….you name it, it does it!

It has a matte finish, which for me is the cherry on top. And yup, it stays matte throughout the day. If you bump into me at the end of the day, you wouldn’t believe that I was up half the night with a newborn baby, because with the Conceal and Define you can’t see any of my dark circles! Simply brilliant!

The conceal and Define comes in 25 shades, ranging from the ridiculously fair (me) to deep colours. It also comes in warm, neutral and cool undertones.

There’s a colour for everyone. Naturally, I am the lightest shade which is called C1. The colour is perfect:)

makeup revolution conceal and define
conceal and define

How to Apply?

With a large doe foot applicator simply dab some concealer onto your under eyes and wherever else you want to cover up. Blend it well with your regular blender. My favourite is the beauty blender. It blends amazingly.

One cool trick that I learnt from one of the best- Mario Dedivanovic is to get a perfect airbrushed look, blend, blend, and blend some more. And when you are blending, don’t rub. Ever.

Rubbing essentially rubs makeup off, which is not what you want. By dabbing, you are pressing the makeup firmly into place. It makes it look more natural and helps the makeup last longer and better!

If you find that the concealer creases under your eye, I recommend using a damp beauty blender to apply the concealer. It gives the concealer a softer finish.

My Thoughts

If you’re looking for a concealer that will cover up just about everything then I highly recommend trying out the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define. I love it and use it every day.

It gives me peace of mind that I know by the end of the day I will still look semi-normal! My terrible dark circles stay covered and so do any breakouts.

This concealer has given me the confidence I need when my skin decides to flare up. Due to this concealer, I can go about my regular day without worrying about how bad my newest huge spot looks. And for that, I love the Conceal and Define!

I don’t think there are many concealers that come close to this one, in price and quality. Makeup Revolution really outdid itself this time!

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define can be bought from Revolution Beauty

Hollie xx

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  1. This is great timing! I’ve been looking for a new concealer. So good to hear that it remains a matte all through the day. Some expensive ones I’ve tried didn’t do the job all day. I bookmarked your site so I can check back again to read other posts. Meanwhile, I’ll look for the Conceal & Define. I see that they offer a bunch of shades for every skin tone too. Thanks for the info and the tips! 🙂

    1. The quality of the Conceal and Define beats many high quality brand! I highly recommend it:)

  2. Matron Okoye B.N says:

    Nice one dear,
    The concealer looks nice. There are so many very expensive concealer out there but after using them you will just find out that they are not worth it. I would love to try yours. The international shipping fee  is kind of expensive dear, but let’s sees how it goes.
    Thanks on e again

    1. Yes the international shipping is always a problem. I don’t think Makeup Revolution sell out of the UK. Thanks for stopping by:) 

  3. This is very cool.

    How is it for hiding scars? I mean like color scars. My wife and I were burned with sulphuric acid and we got quite a few scars. My face is covered in discolorings in the skin.

    I am not concerned about it, but I know for other people like my wife it is. Having a high quality product that can last for the day would be great.

    1.  I don’t know about how it covers scars but I have tons of dark freckles and it does a great job in covering them! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  4. Chrissie Spurgeon says:

    Hi Hollie

    I really do like the sound and the look of Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define.

    I have found the same thing as you with Concealers; they so often completely disappear after a short time. So this one sounds like a refreshing change.

    I do appreciate the tips which you give on the application of the concealer, they are extremely helpful.

    You say you are very fair, but how easy is it for most people to choose the correct shade – I have often found that to be a problem even in shops.And do you think that it is better to err on the darker or the lighter shade?

    Very many thanks for drawing this product to my attention – I shall certainly be investigating it further.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. I agree with you, its hard to choose the right shade. I always just go for the lightest and I’m usually spot on:) If you’re unsure I say go lighter, its always nice to have it a little lighter under the eyes and also you use a setting powder on top so it balances out the colour!

  5. Thank you so much for the post! I’ve been looking for a replacement for my under eye circle since forever and never have gotten the correct one. I think I’m going to give this a try since the price is super affordable to be compared with all others that I’ve tried before, that ended up looking so cakey 🙁

    My under eye is usually pretty dry and whenever I use concealer for a long period of time, the area will just get dry up and it became so cakey.. it also doesn’t help the fact that I live in SEA where it’s always summer and you got to, must to set it with powder – which in return will make my under eye even drier.

    Do you feel that this concealer is drying? Would love to read your reply before purchasing. Thanks!

    1. I have the opposite problem, my eyes get too oily. I recommend using a moisturiser twice a day and I’m sure you’ll notice a difference. You can also try this concealer by Nars. It’s a little less heavy on the skin and the coverage is also fantastic. 

  6. Thanks for the great information and useful tips in this article. I’ve been searching for a brand new concealer. Some expensive make up didn’t do the task all day. My team needs to make up for different situation since they are professional actor. I am going to bookmark your website so that I will check back once more to browse alternative posts. Meanwhile, I’ll explore for the Conceal . I see that they provide a bunch of shades for each skin tone too.

    1. The Conceal and Define is an all dayer! Good luck

  7. Dear Hollie,

    Thanks for the helpful review.

    My wife was worried about her dark circles and shared it with me couple of times so I thought of buying her a concealer to mask her dark circles. Your post means a lot to me and gave me new insights.

    When I came to know the price of Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define that’s unbelievable. I am planning to give this as a surprise gift for this Christmas to my wife.

    Thanks again for the helpful review post and wishing you great success!


    1. Its the best and SO affordable!

  8. Thank you very much for this nice and amazing review, I have been on the look out for the perfect concealer to apply to the black spot around my cheek. I think  Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define is a great deal for a budget of €4-€7.i will place an order for it and share my experience of it with you thereafter. 

  9. Thank you so much Hollie. Indeed the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define is for everyone. I love the 25 shades which ranges from fair to deep, in cool, neutral and warm undertones. It is light weight, yet with full coverage concealer to cover blemishes. I recently purchased it and i must confess I am in love with it

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