Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define- You need this!

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define- You need this!

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Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define has taken the world by storm. Not only the makeup world. I’ve read about it everywhere and that’s not without reason. The concealer is AMAZING and for the ridiculous cheap price of only £4! After using it only once I was instantly sold. It didn’t take long to understand the hype around it!


What is Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define all about? 

When you buy a concealer what’s the most important factor for you? Mine is that it covers my blemishes and black circles…very well. I imagine your expectations are pretty similar! What I don’t like, is when a concealer covers my spots seamlessly for an hour, or maybe 2, but then after it goes shiny, or shows every line and pore. I’ve used some expensive concealers before that have done exactly that. That’s where don’t judge a book by it cover comes in. Or more like, don’t judge a product by its price.

The new conceal and define applies flawlessly. Because the concealer is so highly pigmented it covers every spot, blemish, discolouration….you name it, it does it! It also has a matte finish, which for me is the cherry on top. And yup, it stays matte throughout the day. If you bump into me at the end of the day, you wouldn’t believe that I was up half the night with a newborn baby, because with the Conceal and Define you cant see any of my dark circles! Simply brilliant!

The conceal and Define comes in 18 different colours, ranging from the ridiculously fair (me), to deep colours. It also comes in warm, neutral and cool undertones. There’s a colour for everyone. Naturally, I am the lightest shade which is called C1. The colour is perfect:)

makeup revolution conceal and define

conceal and define



How to Apply?

The concealer comes with a large doe foot applicator which makes it really easy to apply with. Dab some concealer on with the applicator and blend in with your regular blender. My favourite is the beauty blender. It blends amazingly.

One cool trick that I learnt from one of the best- Mario Dedivanovic is to get a perfect airbrushed look, blend, blend, and blend some more. And when you are blending, don’t rub. Ever. Rubbing will essentially rub the makeup off, which is not what you want. By dabbing, you are pressing the makeup firmly into place. It makes it look more natural and helps the makeup last longer and better!


My Thoughts

If you’re still looking for the perfect concealer I highly recommend trying out the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define. And if you already have the perfect concealer… I still think you should try it out! I don’t think there are many concealers that come close to this one, in price and quality. Makeup Revolution really outdid themselves this time!

BUY NOW: Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define can be bought from for £4

Hollie xx

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4 Responses

  1. Colleen

    This is great timing! I’ve been looking for a new concealer. So good to hear that it remains a matte all through the day. Some expensive ones I’ve tried didn’t do the job all day. I bookmarked your site so I can check back again to read other posts. Meanwhile, I’ll look for the Conceal & Define. I see that they offer a bunch of shades for every skin tone too. Thanks for the info and the tips! 🙂

    • Hollie

      The quality of the Conceal and Define beats many high quality brand! I highly recommend it:)

  2. Matron Okoye B.N

    Nice one dear,
    The concealer looks nice. There are so many very expensive concealer out there but after using them you will just find out that they are not worth it. I would love to try yours. The international shipping fee  is kind of expensive dear, but let’s sees how it goes.
    Thanks on e again

    • Hollie

      Yes the international shipping is always a problem. I don’t think Makeup Revolution sell out of the UK. Thanks for stopping by:) 

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