The NEW Urban Decay Naked Palette

Makeup Monday: The NEW Urban Decay Naked Palette- Naked Reloaded!

Ever since the big announcement that there will be a new Urban Decay Naked palette, everyone has been holding their breath to see it! Well, the Naked Reloaded is finally here. It was just released last night, although some lucky people in the US have been able to buy them a little earlier from a vending machine. Yes, a vending machine! It’s a shame I live in the UK!

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette

If you aren’t familiar with the Urban Decay palettes then let me explain all the hype to you. Last August Urban Decay suddenly announced that they were discontinuing their original Naked palette. This led to half of the beauty world being in mourning. It was a dark day indeed. That was until a few weeks ago when they announced that they are bringing out the Naked Reloaded. The Naked Reloaded is supposed to be a better version of the original Naked palette, it’s a neutral palette with 12 revised colours.

Naked Reloaded Colours

The Naked Reloaded comes with 12 neutral shades, each of the colours are supposed to be universally flattering- “shades designed for everyone—for any age, gender, and skin tone”. That sounds almost too good to be true. The palette comes with 6 mattes and 6 shimmers. I really like the combination of colours, I like that there are enough base colours and there are enough blending colours that are matte. The shimmers are also beautiful, my favourite shimmer is probably Burn, although I love Reputation and Dreamweaver too. Oh, it’s a hard choice.

What I love about the palette

Ok, so my favourite improvement in the Reloaded palette is that the most commonly used colours have the biggest pans and the second most commonly used colours have slightly bigger than all the others. I love this feature for the simple reason that I always finish the nude colours first, and then I have to use two different palettes when doing my makeup (and I’m usually in a rush, so spending an extra second fumbling about with another palette is a time waster!). The bigger pans is a clever feature that I’m sure you will love, it makes the palette so much more practical, for holidays and everyday use too! I think other makeup brands should take note of it, although I’m pretty sure there are some that have already. Still, a clever move for Urban Decay.

I also prefer the new combination of colours to the original Urban Decay colours but there’s more on that below.

Differences Between Naked Reloaded and the original Naked Palette

Top: Naked Reloaded palette
Bottom: Original Naked palette

As you can see Urban Decay have moved away from the gold and copper vibe to more of a brown feel with some pinks added too. There’s Retro which is a bright coral and Reputation which also has a slight pink tone to it. There’s also Angel Fire which is shimmery light pink. It would look gorgeous under the eye.
Personally, I prefer the Naked Reloaded colours to the Naked colours, they are more subtle and more suitable for 2019! However, that is my personal taste, which one do you prefer?

Comparing the Naked Reloaded to ABH Sultry Palette

Do you see what I’m seeing?!? The two palettes are almost carbon copies of each other. Unbelievable, right? It’s funny because in my review on the Sultry palette I do compare it to the Naked 2 palette, but it is nowhere near as similar as these two. The whole vibe of these two palettes is the same. The colours of the Sultry palette are slightly cooler than the Naked Reloaded but oh my, they are otherwise the same. I’m not sure how I feel about this:|

Love Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes? Check out the Naked 2, Naked Heat, and Naked Wild West.

Are you a Naked lover or do you think their palettes are over-hyped? What do you think of the new Urban Decay Naked palette? I know this is quite a topic- I think the internet has been divided in half over the new release with half being obsessed and half disliking the palette before they even got to touch it. As a self-confessed beauty-obsessed person, I find it hard to hate any makeup, however, I do hear their side. Which palette do I prefer? It has to be the ABH Sultry. I think overall it is better quality and I prefer cooler toned colours simply because I think I suit cooler colours more than warmer ones. I also think that the Sultry colours have more depth and range to them.

Which palette is the one for you? The Naked Reloaded or the ABH Sultry? Do you find the Naked Reloaded a dupe of the Sultry? What I really wonder is what does Anastasia Beverly Hills think of the Reloaded? Are they flattered or outright annoyed. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded can be bought from Urban Decay

Hollie xx

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  1. I’m not really passionate about make-up, but still, I’m a woman, so I use it pretty often and I also prefer quality products. My best friend is a make-up artist, so thanks to her I know what’s new in terms of make-up.

    She told me about the new Urban Decay Naked palette and, to be honest I liked the idea and now that I see this review, I can say it is perfect for me. I think I will make a purchase. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing! Blessings! 

    1. It is a beautiful palette!

      Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Karin Nauber says:

    These certainly are some beautiful colors! I love the shades and shimmers along with the matte colors. I think the Naked Reloaded palette of colors is amazing. I do live in the United States, but haven’t seen them in the vending machines around here. I live in a more rural area, so I guess maybe they had this in the bigger cities. (Lucky ones!)

    I love the photo showing all the shades on the arms of the models. It gave a good look at how the colors will look on many skins.

    While the two palettes are very similar, I think I prefer the Sultry offering more than the Naked one. It just looks like more appealing colors to me and would definitely be my choice! Thanks for bringing these to my attention. Now I have some better ideas for shopping.

    1. I think the vending machines were only in LA- lucky them!

      Have a lovely day x

  3. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous says:

    I once bought a makeup kit for my wife without knowing what I was actually buying. I just wanted to buy her a gift for valentine and I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. It turned out to be that she loved the decay naked palette that she would always want me to watch her makeup and it was really fun watching her do it. Truly, the decay naked palette was awesome.

  4. Hello, 

    This new palette is so beautiful, just seeing it makes me chill and want to try it out how it would look like in my skin. First of all, I cannot believe people bought this from a vending machine. Unfortunately, not so many make-up brands sell officially in my country. I don’t usually wear make-up and I don’t even know that much, but it’s so interesting and amazing seeing all these products, the different shades of colours, the different sensation they have on the skin, the pigmentation and so on. One of my friends has the originall Naked palette and it’s really beautiful, but I can see how the old one and the reloaded one differ and are for different purposes. And, regarding the comparison with the Sultry Palette, the colours VERY similar.

    Great post you wrote and the way you compared the different palettes was very detailed. 


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