Pat McGrath is Back With Another Big Release: The Crystal Lip Kit

Pat McGrath Crystal Lip Kit review

It’s undeniable- Pat McGrath is one of the biggest legends when it comes to makeup! Her products are truly amazing, in terms of quality and packaging and her creativity takes it up a notch. Every release of hers is big and the Crystal Lip Kit looks like no exception. If you ever had any connotation of what crystal lips look like, I guarantee you, you are about to be wowed. This lip kit redefines the word crystal! Read More

The Best Setting Powders for Dry Skin in 2021


Using the correct setting powder for your skin will make all the difference to your makeup! For a radiant, non-greasy, yet non-flakey look you need to choose your setting powder that’s made for your skin. With so many of every product on the market, one thing you can be grateful for is that there’s a product for everyone and their skin! From dry and flakey skin to oily and greasy skin. Here we shall tackle the best setting powders for dry skin in 2021. Read More

Urban Decay Stay Naked Hydromaniac Tinted Glow Hydrator Review

Stay Naked Hydromaniac Tinted Glow Hydrator review

Don’t let the current climate stop you from being with the love of your life, which of course, is makeup! The beauty world is slowly picking up pace again with new releases coming out regularly once again. Rumour has it that Urban Decay will soon have a fabulous new release- the Stay Naked Hydromaniac Tinted Glow Hydrator Foundation. This foundation is supposed to be something wow. Although it’s not actually out yet and all we have is one blurry image, they’ve leaked enough info on it to seriously impress! Read More

NARS Soft Matte Complete Foundation Review

nars soft matte complete foundation review copy

A major foundation release is not one I’m going to miss and that’s exactly what the new NARS Soft Matte Complete Foundation is! It’s the base pair to the brand’s Soft Matte Complete Concealer which has raving reviews. The big question is does the foundation live up to the concealers standard or will it drag down the line? There’s only one way to find out! Read More

Best Matte Liquid Lipsticks that Won’t Dry Out Your Lips in 2021


Matte lipsticks are one of my favourite ways to finish a beautiful look! The only trouble with matte lipsticks is that they tend to dry out the lips. Well, some of them, that is. Here I have brought you the best matte liquid lipsticks that won’t dry out your skin in 2021! Read More

The Sigma Beauty Untamed Eyeshadow Palette Review

Sigma Beauty Untamed Eyeshadow Palette review

After the Cor-de-Rosa palette, Sigma just brewed up a new eyeshadow product to follow. It’s funky, it’s playful, and if want to up your makeup inhibitions, The Sigma Beauty Untamed Eyeshadow Palette could be the icebreaker you need. Read More

The New Luxurious YSL Couture Colour Clutch Palettes


It’s rare that designer brands come out with big palettes. And when they do it’s not something our mid-end giants haven’t already done, so ye, it’s usually all name hype. However, that being said when I saw the YSL Couture Colour Clutch Eyeshadow Palettes, I thought wow, they could be on to something with these palettes! Let’s find out if the new YSL Couture Colour Clutch Palettes are really worth all the hype? Read More

40 Makeup Brands With The Most Inclusive Foundation Ranges


Finding the right shade for you is one thing, but finding a product that actually sells your shade is another! Gone are the days when you have to settle for shade or undertone that’s way off your actual skin tone. Thanks to the much-needed domino effect caused by a certain Riri, we now have more and more inclusive makeup brands that cater to all. Read More

The Best Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes in 2021


Having sensitive eyes can be annoying and downright irritating. They get itchy and red from the slightest wrongdoing that you do to them. However, what it doesn’t mean is that you need to stop wearing makeup. The trick for sensitive eyes is finding the right makeup that won’t irritate your eyes. We’ve put together the best mascaras for sensitive eyes in 2021! Get ready for beautiful lashes without your eyes batting an eyelid! Read More

Sweeten Up Your Day with Jouer’s New Champagne & Macarons Collection!


Inspired by the pinks and golds of Rococo era France with a modern feminist twist— the new Jouer Champagne Macarons Collection brings 4 new products that make up all you’d need in makeup! Read More