Christmas Makeup Ideas To Try Out This 2020

Christmas Makeup Ideas To Try Out

Get creative this holiday season by trying out some fun and different Christmas makeup ideas! With many of us still being in strict lockdown this Christmas, it’s going to be a slightly different, less exciting experience. Instead of wallowing in the sadness, try to cheer yourself up with different new experiences that will help keep the festivity in the air. It will also help to distract yourself from sad emotions of not being with all your loved ones. Get creative and have fun recreating these looks! Read More

Concealer Hacks: How To Apply Concealer Correctly


Concealer is one of those makeup products that can make or break your look. Wear it correctly and you will look dazzling, and wear it wrong and it can be the downfall of your beautifully made-up face. Wearing concealer correctly is actually easy- it’s simply about knowing the right tips and tricks. You don’t need to be a makeup professional, nor do you need to spend a lot of money to achieve flawless concealer. I have put together some simple, yet awesome hack on how to apply concealer correctly every time! Read More

Smashbox’s NEW Always On Cream Eyeshadow in 15 Gorgeous Shades

Smashbox Always On Cream Eyeshadow review

One of the big debates in the beauty world is whether to use cream or powder eyeshadows! And truthfully, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Cream eyeshadows are ideal for mature and dry skin, but they are also much longer-wearing, easier to blend with and ideal to use as a base. I’m not going to go into all the ins and outs of the differences between cream and powder eyeshadows. That’s because we have something much more important to talk about. Yep, Smashbox’s new Always On Cream Eyeshadows! At the moment they are only available in the US, but hopefully, they’ll be out here soon. Read More

Revolution Beauty Friends-Themed Makeup Collection Is Here and It’s Wow!


The Makeup Revolution Friends-Themed Makeup Collection is a huge collection with part of it already released and part of it coming soon. In general, I love Revolution Beauty, as you can see from my many reviews. Their products are of good quality and very affordable! Read More

Sugar Pill 10th Anniversary Capsule Collection Is Here

Sugar Pill 10th Anniversary Capsule Collection review

Sugar Pill is all about doing what’s good for the environment as well as making a statement, as you can tell from the name! Sugar Pill helps people stand out with beauty- Amy Doan the founder, saw a gap in the market and jumped at the opportunity. If you love loud makeup that breaks all the rules, then Sugar Pill is a brand you must check out! Everything about it is different and original, from the packaging to the shades included. It’s all about breaking the rules in makeup! Read More

Best Christmas Makeup Gifts Under £20


A common misconception is that for a gift to be ‘good’, it needs to be expensive. Nope! You can get good gifts for cheaper and these makeup products prove that! I have put together the best makeup Christmas Gifts for under £20. Get ready to save and at the same time, impress others with your gifts! Read More

Best Way To Clean Makeup Brushes In A Rush

Best Way To Clean Makeup Brushes In A Rush

Are you familiar with the expression ‘practise what you preach’? So disclaimer- I’m terrible at cleaning my makeup brushes. I’m very good at saying tomorrows the day…but tomorrow doesn’t come very often! Take this post as me preaching to myself, because first I need to practice it before I can preach to others! It’s going to help me be inspired to clean my brushes more often. Read More

Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2020: Including MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Jo Malone, Molton Brown and Many More

Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2020- Including MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Jo Malone, Molton Brown

One of my all-time favourite things of the holiday season is the advent calendars! Who doesn’t love opening presents every day?! I may be an adult but I still have some kid inside of me:)) I’ve put together the best beauty advent calendars of 2020 including all your favourite brands like MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Kiehls, NYX to name a few. There’s an advent calendar for every budget and taste! Read More

The Trendiest Smokey Eyeshadow Looks To Try Out


Smokey eyeshadow is one of my favourite looks ever. They are versatile, fun, and plain and simple- sexy! When creating a smokey eye, the sky is the limit. The options are endless and they are pretty fool-proof too. You don’t need to be an expert to create a smokey eye, all you need is a few good eyeshadow shades and some good brushes. Read More

Linda Hallberg Cosmetics New Golden 20´s Palette & Primer

Linda Hallberg Cosmetics New Golden 20s Palette & Primer

If you aren’t familiar with Linda Hallberg Cosmetics, here’s a little intro. She started her company back in 2016 and since then, she has won multiple awards for her makeup. Her motto is to think outside the box and that you don’t need a thousand products to create multiple makeup looks. This led to her fabulous multi-use vegan products where one product has multiple uses, saving space, money and time! Read More