How To Sweat-Proof Makeup For The Hot Summer Days: 10 Hacks You Need To Know


Having beautiful makeup is #makeupgoals. However, it’s pretty pointless if it’s gets ruined the minute you sweat. We’ve all been there and done that, where we left the house with our makeup looking intact, only to return a couple of hours later looking a hot mess! The first thing you need to know is that it’s not only you- it’s normal and it happens to most people at some point in their life! The second thing you need to know is that it’s easy to fix. With a few hacks, your makeup will be sweat-proof for the entire day. Read More

Sigma Beauty New Cor De Rosa Extended Collection


After their success with the Cor De Rosa eyeshadow palette, it’s no surprise that Sigma Beauty has added to the collection. They have just announced that they are releasing a Cor De Rosa Blush Palette along with brushes. Read More

ColourPop New Lizzie McGuire Collaboration With Disney


I don’t know what teens are watching these days, but way back when I was a lot younger, Lizzie McGuire was all the rage! It was fun, relatable and perfect for moody teenagers! I love it when ColourPop brings back movies from my youth, with it, they bring back such good memories that feel like a lifetime ago. To mention a couple- The ColourPop Disney Hocus Pocus Holiday Collection and The Bambi Collection. After checking out the new ColourPop Lizzie McGuire collab, no doubt today’s teens will be tuning into the Lizzie McGuire series! This collection just has that effect on people;) I’ve wasted far too much time today rewatching some of my favourite series from it! Anyways, onto the collection… Read More

Dominique Cosmetics Now Or Never Collection


Dominique Cosmetics are about to launch their new Now Or Never Collection. At first glance at the collection, you may think we are near Valentine’s Day with all the pink shades. But, alas it’s not. Valentine’s Day has been and gone. This collection is here to celebrate strong women and women who take risks. Pink has always been the colour that symbolises femininity, no matter how much some people would like to change that. What better way to celebrate inspiring women than with a whole pink collection?! Introducing the Dominique Cosmetics Now Or Never Collection! Read More

The Best Cream Blush for Mature Skin in 2021


Cream blushes are the answer to your skin’s needs if you have ageing, mature or dry skin, and their popularity is on the rise! A cream blush is often more hydrating and more pigmented than a powder blush. While a powder blush tends to dry out the skin, often giving a cakey appearance, their creamy counterparts often have hydrating and nourishing ingredients. Read More

The New Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer For Dry Skin


The new Shape Tape Concealer comes with a built-in eye cream for 24 hours of hydration! How amazing does that sound? It’s like my concealer dreams have just come true! No longer do I need to worry about concealer drying out my under-eyes, the prickly-pear ingredient ensures the under eyes stay hydrated throughout the day. But that’s not all of the impressive ingredients. This concealer has plenty more to show off! Read More

My Easy Morning Makeup Routine: 6 Minute Natural Everyday Look


As a mother of 4 kids under the age of 9, you can imagine I am quite busy. My busiest times of the day are the morning and evening and since I’m not such a morning person, waking up before my children to get ready for my day is simply not an option. That’s not to say I haven’t tried to be that person, but, my good intentions have never panned out! I have always been a night bird and despite my many attempts to change that, I’ve come to realise I probably never will:) That leaves me getting ready at the same time as my kids, which doesn’t leave me much time and every minute in the morning counts! Read More

MAC Cosmetics Black Cherry Spring Collection


Anything with Cherry Blooms has got my attention! When the blossoms come out and the Cherry Blooms are in full swing, my mood lifts no matter what! Those beautiful flowers have that powerful effect on me, and when you combine makeup with Cherry Blooms, well, I’m sold! MAC’s new Cherry Bloom Collection is the perfect collection to get you in the mood for spring, from its beautiful packaging to the lovely products. Read More

Get Ready To Fawn Over ColourPop’s Newest Disney Collab- The Bambi Collection


ColourPop doesn’t go slow with their makeup releases with their latest one being a whole new Spring-ready collection-the Disney Bambi Collection. I love ColourPop, I love Disney, and when you put the two of them together, it’s a complete love story! This isn’t ColourPop’s first Disney collaboration. They’ve done quite a few, one of our faves is the Hocus Pocus Collection! Read More

The New Too Faced Teddy Bare Collection

Too Faced Teddy Bare Collection

It has just been leaked that a new collection of makeup is in the line for Too Faced- the new Too Faced Teddy Bare Collection. It hasn’t yet been announced by Too Faced, but apparently, it consists of a new eyeshadow palette, a face powder and another Lip Injection lip gloss! We love the Lip Injection lip glosses, another one is always welcome! Read More

Too Faced Lady Balls Lipstick Collection 2021

Too Faced Lady Balls Lipstick Collection 2021

Too Faced has recently announced their latest release- the Lady Balls Lipstick Collection. It’s a collection of 12 shades of lightweight and comfortable lipsticks. Read More

Urban Decay’s New Naked Palette- The Naked Wild West Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked Wild West Eyeshadow Palette review

This is their 10th full-sized Naked eyeshadow palette, some of our faves are Naked 2, Naked Heat and the Naked Reloaded. As a self-confessed Urban Decay fan, (you can probably tell from my many reviews on their makeup,) another Naked eyeshadow palette is probably the best news I heard all day. Albeit, I’ll admit, there wasn’t much competition when all I do these days is housework and homeschool, but, nevertheless, this is an exciting release! Read More

Best Urban Decay Makeup Products of 2021 That Are Worth Every Penny


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I love Urban Decay’s products. Quite a few of their makeup products have become staples in my makeup collection! And there’s a good reason for it, Urban Decay makeup is amazing quality, reasonably priced and cruelty-free. Aside from those important points, their makeup is also creative, fun and original! Read More