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Lancome 24 Hour Foundation- Teint Idole Review

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Finding the perfect foundation for your skin is always a difficult one. The shade has to be perfect, the consistency just right, not too oily and nor too dry for your skin. And on top of that it has to last all day. To add to the difficulty is the amount of different foundations you can choose from making it really confusing. I feel for all you foundation hunters out there. That’s why I’m sharing with you my all time favourite foundation, the Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra 24H. I’ve tried out TONS of different foundations yet I always go back to this one because, truthfully, this foundation ticks all the boxes for me:)


The Colours

You’re probably wondering what is so great about this foundation? Lets start with the colour. I have very fair skin- most foundations look yellow or red on me. Lancome recently added some new colours to the Teint Idole foundation collection. I was really excited about this since they now have the perfect shade for my skin colour and tone. Its the 008 and its beautiful. It has neutral undertones which complements my skin perfectly. There are 40 different colours to choose which basically matches most skin tones. I am yet to hear of someone who couldn’t find a colour to match their skin.


lancome 24 hour foundation

The Coverage

I think the biggest selling point for this foundation is that when wearing it you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything. This is something that most foundations aren’t successful in achieving. Especially since its a medium to full coverage and its very build-able. It feels super natural on the skin and also looks it! It’s also perfect for every occasion. When you want to dress up you apply more layers which doesn’t compromise on the finished look. Or if you want a more natural, everyday look you just apply less. Whichever you choose it leaves you with flawless skin and a beautiful finish.


lancome foundation

teinte idole


The Finish

I also love that it has a matte finish. I have combination skin and i personally find that as the day goes on my skin tends to get oilier. The last thing I want or need is a shiny foundation which results in an extremely shiny face. What’s more is that this foundation stays matte the entire day. Yes, you heard right- the entire day there is no shine or oil. What could be better than that?

Its also long lasting, it can last up to 24 hours. This sure is a feat and I’m sure most of you want to know if that’s really true. I know I was curious. Sooo I tried it out, yup, I kept my makeup on for 24 hours without using any makeup primer. Sounds kind of gross but the results were astounding. Obviously some of it did come off but the majority lasted really well. Very impressive indeed. If you want to help your foundation last longer and better, a simple trick is to use a makeup primer. My favourite one is Spackle Under Makeup Primer by Laura Geller which I have reviewed here. Although the Lancome Teint Idole foundation does stay on really nicely by itself, a makeup primer helps that it goes on evenly and if you’re in a hot climate it will keep it from going blotchy.


24 hour foundation swatch


Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Something else that I love about this foundation is that it doesn’t cause me breakouts. I have pretty sensitive skin and a lot of foundations caused me terrible spots and breakouts. This one however, just feels like a protective barrier on my skin. So if you’re like me and you have sensitive skin be careful which foundation you buy. (The same applies for all skin care.) It also has SPF15 which isn’t enough if you’re going to the beach but for everyday it works fine for me. It’s always good to wear sun protection even if you can’t see the sun, the sun has it’s ways of damaging your skin even when you think it’s least likely to!

My Thoughts

The only disadvantage of this foundation is that its a little on the pricey side. However, the bottle does last for a really long time. It comes with 30ml and I wear it every day. I only need to replace it about once every 6 months so you do get your moneys worth. Also when your skin looks and feels this amazing the price is totally worth it!

Lancome 24 Hour foundation really is the perfect foundation, the coverage can be what you want, the colour choices are endless, it has a beautiful finish, it protects you skin from the sun and it won’t cause breakouts. What more could you want from a foundation? It’s not without reason that it’s a bestselling foundation.

Whilst my search for the perfect foundation has ended I hope this has helped you find yours! If you’ve tried this foundation I’d love to know what you think of it. Or if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below:)


Click here to buy Lancome 24 Hour Foundation Teint Idole – £31.50

Click here to buy Lancome 24 Hour Foundation Teint Idole – $42.95


Have a great day,


Hollie xx


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8 Responses

  1. Jackie

    Hey there, I’m always looking for foundations that look natural, so I’m grateful to have read your review today. I like a matte finish too!… so passed my first test. I have light skin and finding a shade that matches is always an issue. I also like that the coverage lasts 24 hours. Reall glad to have found your site. Thank you…

    • Hollie

      Hi Jackie,

      I’m so happy to have helped you. It’s a great foundation! I can’t recommend it enough:)

      Have a good day:)

  2. Cathy

    Hey thanks for introducing this foundation brand to us. I also have a very fair skin and the current brand that I am using only has like 3 types of shades and their lightest actually make me look like Snow White.

    I need to experiment with other shades to find the right color so knowing Lancome has up to 35 variety is really helpful. Just out of curiosity, how long can this foundation last you?


    • Hollie

      Hi Cathy,

      It depends how often you use it. I use mine daily and it lasts me for about 3 months.

      Good luck,

      Hollie x

  3. Jackie

    I’ve been looking for a new foundation since turning 50. It seems like my skin has changed and what once worked well, doesn’t work so well anymore. I’ll definitely check this brand out… but I got another gem from reading your post! I’m glad to know about this product since it sounds exactly what i’ve been looking for and may even make my old foundation work again! : Spackle Under Makeup Prime!

    • Hollie

      I love the Teint Idole foundation. I’ve been wearing it for years now and no plans of stopping:)
      It’s an amazing primer, glad I could help:)

  4. LearnToEarn Admin

    Hollie, thank you for your review on Lancome Foundations, quite informative.

    My experience with foundation is that it makes my face feel like it’s in a straight jacket and boxed in.  I mainly used it whilst doing plays and work as a background artist for film shoots.  For me to use it on a daily basis would be quite frustrating.

    I’ve also experienced that it tends to dry out my skin.  Would this not be a disadvantage in the long run if used daily? I am not convinced that foundations are healthy for one’s skin.  Do you have any advice on this point?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    • Hollie


      Everyones skin is different but there are many different types of foundations and it could be you’ve been using the wrong one. 

      The Lancome Teint Idole is very light on the skin. Before applying any foundation on your skin always moisturise and prime. My favourite primer at the moment is the Nude by Nature primer because it is natural and doesn’t harm your skin. The primer and moisturiser will prevent your skin from drying out. The primer will also create a barrier between your skin and the foundation. So, no, foundation is not always a bad thing, but it has to be done in the right way otherwise it can damage your skin.

      Thanks for stopping by:)

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