The COSMIC Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

Did you know that during our isolation time, we are and will be experiencing a series of supermoons? It’s started already and many photographers around the world are taking the opportunity to capture these otherworldly events while our skies are clearer than ever.

But an even more enchanting astrological event is the Mercury retrograde. A sublime inspiration for the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette.

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette

Packaging & Concept

The Mercury Retrograde palette is Huda Beauty’s winter season palette released last year. I have always loved my nudes and bare essential colours, but with the colour story happening on this palette, I had to give them a try.

Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

At first, I didn’t think this palette would be anything that I would rave about, even for the good old days when we still had parties! But when I gave the palette a closer look, I noticed how beautifully curated the shades are. Compiled with pastel tones, anyone of any age can benefit from this palette!

They remind me of fantastical elements. Literally surreal concepts of mermaids, unicorns, heavenly bodies and all those fun things!

Huda took her concept inspiration quite seriously with holographic tints and colours splashed on the makeup release. Even the packaging is a mesmerisingly clear plastic tinted with colours you would see from astrological light events. 

Shades & Colour Compilation

The colours don’t lack any magic, with 18 shades ranging from mint greens, pinks, copper nudes, and blinding shimmery tones. They come in four different textures and formulas.

Namely, mattes, metallics, glitters, and the sheer multi-reflective shadows that truly reflect her aurora borealis-holograph-mercury retrograde concept!

These last shades show off more than just the colour that is actually on the pan. When worn, you’ll see from different angles how they have other tints mixed in with them.

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette


Utopia, Haze, Off Balance, Libra, Crash, Momentum, Vortex, Hot Mess, Karma

Creamy Metallics:

Cosmic, Ultraviolet, Nebula, Galaxy, Supernova, Frazzled

Glitter Intense:


Sheer Multi-Reflective Shadows:

Supermoon, Gold Glitch

I divided the rows of the palette into what occasion I think they’re for. The first bottom row of colours is for deep, seductive, smokey eye impressions. The middle row is for your cute, subtle everyday demure makeup looks. And the top row is your more spontaneous, artistic shades.

I can also see how there are mini palettes in each column. If you notice them, these are already combinations in themselves. I appreciate that little bit of feature on this pan.

It’s not really a big deal. But it does take me back to my first time trying out palettes where I really didn’t know what to do with all the colours and ended up just using the same ones over and over again.

Overall, I think the colour story is nicely done and thoughtfully organised! It will definitely be a useful addition to your makeup collection.

Application & First Impressions

The Formula

The Mattes

The formula packs on impressively. One layer gives off a lot of pigment and they’re also very buildable. They’re beautiful vibrant pastels. Almost like muted neon if you can imagine.

The formula is consistent with all of the matte shades and they look lustrous in my eyes. When I tried them on, they held on nicely to my bare eyelids, and even better with some primer.

There was no fallout and no patchiness whatsoever and I just love gripping eyeshadow formulas like these. 

The Creamy Metallics

Huda’s metallics and shimmers have been formulated exceptionally well. The shades feel creamy on the eyelids and have super fine micro shimmers to them.

They don’t feel irritatingly rough at all, and they stick dutifully on the lids. The shades layer overwhelmingly well. These shades really give meaning to the words “bold” and “buildable”.

The Glitters

Huda’s glitter formulas are generally really impressive too. They do create a little bit of fall out but that is to be expected for any glitter eyeshadow.

They’re not sticky and don’t feel overly textured on the eyes like how glitters typically are. And just like the reflective eyeshadows on this palette, they look blinding under the light. These are great for creating depth.

The Sheer Multi-Reflective Shadows

I am absolutely amazed at the colours and formulas. They look oddly bland on the pan, like your typical shimmers, but on the skin— they are iridescent. They almost resemble a prism with the white and golden shades reflecting other tones.

I tried them as my main eyelid colour with one of the pastel colours as transition and they stand alone really great. Truly, they are so magical. They are very bright too and reflect beautifully in the light.

The overall formula is fantastic. There isn’t much to say negatively about how they apply to the eyelids and how the pigment holds up.

The Colour Story

I love the colour story and each of the individual colours that are included! For someone who gravitates toward typical nudes and peachy colours, I would definitely transition to these kinds of shades if I were wanting to “change it up a little”. They are not overly daring, but they’re not boring either.

I think it’s a kind of palette with colours that anyone can experiment with without the pressure to become a makeup, Picasso.

Do you love Huda Beauty’s eyeshadow palettes? Check out the Rose Quartz and the Naughty Nude for more fabulousness!

Final Thoughts

The Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde is a beautifully formulated palette. The colours are extremely workable and easy to use. The shades can be worn for all occasions and for all ages! There’s something here for everyone!

Do you need it?

I think that if a palette has a good formula, all that’s left for you to decide is if you like the colours well enough to actually buy it!

Since the formula is amazing and the colours are beautiful, I say the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette is a worthwhile investment! And, if you are someone who is looking to collect a certain set of eyeshadow colours that are unique, then yes, this palette is a must-have for you!

It is however expensive and if you aren’t overly invested with the shade combinations, then there are more affordable palettes that are just as good. Check out my other eyeshadow palette reviews.

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette has been discontinued. Check out similar Huda Beauty Palettes here.

Hollie xx

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  1. dreamgirl93 says:


    I am a redhead with fair skin and I think the colors of this palette would look good on me too. 

    I am more into the seductive and alluring type of make up so I think these colors are pretty good for this style too. In fact I prefer the matte colors more, but I like the other ones from this palette too. 

    I especially like the purple which is the color which I mostly use in my make up, but one a specific type of purple not these vibrat ones. In these palette I would combine purple with dark grey to get the colors that I want. When I buy palettes with so many shares like this one, I usually end up not using help of the shades. Maybe I need to start making more combinations of colors in my make up. 

    1. This palette complements red hair beautifully! I’m sure it will look gorgeous on you:)

  2. Hi !
    I love HudaBeauty products, the colors and quality are just amazing, and fits perfectly during winter season or summer season with a tanned skin. They always put a lot of pigmentation inside and last long time on the skin. I would say that the only negative aspect is the price, little bit high. i can’t wait to try these new colors with the Mercury Retrograde Palette. The creamy metallics are my favorite ones as it doesn’t give you the sensation of dryness that you can find with other creamy metallics shades from other brands.

    1. I agree with you, I wish all makeup prices were more affordable:)

  3. I have tried Huda Beauty gloss and absolutely loved it!  I’ve gone through several tubes to be exact, but never the eyeshadow yet.  This color palette is gorgeous!  From my experience, their cosmetic line is beautiful and great quality.  My niece is in her first year of college and is a HUGE makeup fan, she personally loves the unicorn colors (glittery look) and this palette definitely has it.  I will be sharing this with her 🙂

    1. I’m sure your niece will love the palette! It is beautiful!

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