How To Update Your Beauty Routine For Autumn

After a long and fun summer, we are back and excited about the new year ahead of us. I know in many countries it still feels like the middle of the summer, but here in the UK, you can sniff fall in the air.

I love this time of year, it has the feeling of a fresh new start to it and combined with the season changing, it is the perfect way to begin the year.

With that, there’s no better time than now to update your beauty routine too. After a sun-soaked summer, it’s time to get your skin nourished and ready for the colder months.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on holiday I have a tendency to slightly neglect my skin. This isn’t something I am proud of! However, it’s the truth and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

With the kids around and combined with being away from my home, it’s my routine that tends to suffer. Now it’s time to get back into the routine of life!

How To Update Your Beauty Routine For Autumn

Before we get into it, you first need to know to get your skin back on track for the colder months. What’s the difference between your skin in the summer and in the winter?

Summer Skin vs Winter Skin

The best way to treat your skin is as if you have two different skins, one for the winter and one for the summer. This is because the care you need for the different seasons is vastly different.

During the summer months, we are exposed to heat and humidity, which makes us sweat a lot. This causes our skin to become oilier and increases the chance of breakouts.

During the winter months, the air is dry and the wind is harsh. This dries out our skin and our lips. Another factor that doesn’t help is that indoors we have the heating on which also dries out the air and our bodies.

The care we need for the winter and summer months is very different.

In the summer our skin needs plenty of hydration and sun protection with regular exfoliating. In the winter our skin needs moisture, moisture and more moisture. However, don’t forget, your skin needs sun cream in the winter months too, the sun is always there and always working hard so protection is vital.

Check out these indispensable tips on how to update your beauty routine this fall and winter.

Change to a thicker moisturiser

Change to a thicker moisturiser for the colder months

In the summer months, we don’t need to add extra moisture to our skin because our bodies naturally produce more oil. Oil helps to keep our skin soft.

However, during the winter months, we don’t have this extra oil being produced. Instead, we have cold and rough winds drying our skin out.

Swap up your lighter summer moisturiser for a more intense and thicker moisturiser for the cold winter months. It will help your skin to stay soft and nourished and stop it from drying out.

Start using a thicker moisturiser in the autumn and you will be ahead of the game. You’ll be giving your skin a head-start to being moisturised!

Be generous with your hand cream

Using a hand cream in the colder months is crucial. Most of us have experienced dry and cracking hands during the colder months and it’s the hands that are usually affected the worst.

This is because they are often uncovered in the wind and cold and also in our hygienic generation we wash our hands a lot.

Every time you wash any part of your body, you are stripping natural oils from your skin. These oils are essential, especially during the colder seasons.

That’s not to say you should stop washing your hands, it just means you need to give them extra TLC.

When washing your hands, be sure to dry them properly and not by rubbing them. Rather pat them dry using a soft towel. And always apply a super moisturising hand cream a few times a day. If you do this regularly you will be done with cracked and dry hands!

Protect your lips

Protect your lips

The lips are one of those parts of the body that get affected by the cold weather. This is usually due to the combination of the lips not being dry and that they are uncovered.

The simplest way to protect your lips is to cover them with a lip balm or the like. Lipstick, unless it has moisturising features, will not do the trick.

In fact, using a non-moisturising lipstick without applying a lip balm beforehand will just dry out the lips further and cause them to crack. By using a lip balm regularly your lips will not dry out or crack.

Hydrate your hair

I’m sure you’ve noticed a pattern by now, anything that is uncovered is prone to get dried out. That’s not to say that the parts of your body that are covered won’t dry out, because everything gets affected by the winter. However, the parts that are uncovered are affected worse and need that extra protection.

In this case, it’s the hair. You don’t want your hair to dry out, this causes split ends and breakages.

Keeping your hair healthy is really very simple. Use a hydrating conditioner and leave it in for a couple of minutes. This will allow your hair to absorb all the good ingredients from the conditioner.

You can also use a hair mask every so often, it will really help your hair to stay soft and strong.

Avoid products with alcohol

Avoid products with alcohol in the colder months

Using products with alcohol is not something I ever recommend. However, during the cold months, I strongly advise keeping away from any alcohol in all beauty products. Alcohol has a drying tendency which is a no-no for this time of year.

My Thoughts

I hope these tips on how to update your beauty routine for autumn and winter have helped you. Keeping on top of oneself is hard, especially when we are busy and I get that!

But, that being said it’s so important not to neglect ourselves because we are the only ones who lose out in the end.

I recommend starting to implement these changes slowly from the beginning of fall. This gives you time to adjust to the different products and it will give your skin a heads up!

Hollie xx

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  1. Interesting article and I must say I leanrt quite well through this article. Autumn is the transition between the summer and the winter and as such, there is need to take proper care of our skin too. Though due to my work, I do neglect my skin for quite a long period of time till I’m chanced to take good care of it back. Surely, all these that you have shared here will definitely be of great help to me and would help to maintain my skin more better. The tips are top notch and I would do well to take them into notice. Thanks

    1. It’s so easy to neglect our skin and you’re not alone in that. If you know the problem, you’re halfway to fixing it! Best of luck:)

  2. Henderson says:

    Thank you Hollie, I never really though about the importance of updating my skin during winter and autumn. After reading this post, I can say that I know better now. I can agree with you thereabout the winds getting really stronger. You have analysed the different seasons and explained how they can affect our skins. I will get a more ticker moisturiser or not use any at all since I already have an oily skin. Though my skin will be producing less oil, I’ll be sure that my skin will stay better during the winter.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and good luck in updating you winter skincare routine!

  3. We live in a tropical country so we don’t have winter. This post is still timely because we just passed the hot season so right now we are experiencing a lot of typhoons. The temperature lowered and we also experience chapped lips from time to time. Weather condition right now could actually result to a good and lasting makeup because the cool and misty air.  

    Your beauty tips and great skin regimen has taught me a lot today. I don’t usually moisturize my hands and just have the excess lotion spread all over on both hands. Now that I looked at it, I observed that it got more lines than before.  Thanks for sharing this to us. It’s important to take care of our skin but sometimes we neglect it because either we’re super busy or doesn’t really know a thing about it.

    1. I agree it’s so easy to neglect our skin, especially because we often have more pressing matters! However, staying on top of our skincare will result in better and healthier skin.

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