10 Best Conditioners for Oily Hair in 2021


Having oily hair is not only a pain but also can affect your self-confidence. There are many causes of oily hair like lifestyle and diet, but the main one is usually genetics. Go and thank your grandma! However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Even if you have oily hair because of your blessed genetics, there are ways of managing it and getting beautiful soft hair minus the oil. Here we’ve put together the 10 best conditioners for oily hair that will give you the best of both! No extra oil yet you’ll still have soft and beautiful tresses! Read More

Olaplex No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment Review

Olaplex No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment Review

My hair’s been looking a bit dull these days and lucky me, (or us!), Olaplex came just in time with the new Olaplex No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment! It’s an addition to their hair treatment line with the same name. It’s currently at No. 7, but we have yet to wait for a No.1 and 2. So while waiting for those, time to review what we have in hand and see if it’s any good! Read More

Get Rid Of Oily Hair Fast With These 10 Tips!


Not only does oily hair not feel nice, but it can also ebb on one’s self-confidence. Oily hair can be the makings of a bad day. Fortunately, there are many resolutions for oily and greasy hair! Just like skincare, hair care is a personal thing. Customise your hair care for your specific needs and you can get rid of oily hair faster than counting to 10! Below I have put together 10 tips to help you get rid of oily hair fast! Read More

13 Cute Minimal-Effort Hairstyles For Curly Hair


Believe it or not, there is a simple solution for your curly hair. Ditch the styling tools and leave it in its natural state- curly! I’ve put together here cute and easy hairstyles for curly hair that you don’t need any major skills to pull off! All you need is just you, your hands, and some cute hair accessories! Read More

Don’t Despair! Briogeo’s Got A New Treatment Oil For Your Hair

Briogeo Dont Despair Repair Strengthening Treatment Hair Oil Review

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Strengthening Treatment Hair Oil is exactly as it sounds- it’s a hair oil that strengthens and repairs dry and damaged hair, and it’s clinically proven to work on 88% of hair! Sounds like my kinda product! Read More

Best Shampoos for Dry & Damaged Hair in 2021


Using the right shampoo will protect your hair and give it the much-needed nutrients and moisture that dry and damaged hair needs. Here I’ve put together the best shampoos for dry and damaged hair which will help your hair become soft and silky! Read More

How To Repair Dry And Damaged Hair Without Help From The Hairdresser


After the many changes that hair goes through to try to keep up with our moods and lifestyle, it can just—ploop! You wake up one day and now it’s the hair commanding your personality. Hair needs the right nutrition and care for it to live, pretty like humans. Learn to take care of your hair with this guide on how to repair dry and damaged hair! Read More

Foolproof and Damage Prevention Tips on How To Color Hair At Home


Running out of ideas to pass the time indoors? Instead of cutting your hair, which has become quite the quarantine trend, why not colour it instead?! Read More

Are you feeding your hair right? Foods that Promote Healthy Hair Growth


We often overlook how food affects our bodies and especially our hair. Having thick hair isn’t as hard to get as you may think. You may have tried supplements, multiple hair care products and the like. But there’s one factor that is commonly forgotten – foods that promote healthy hair growth. Read More

The Buzz Around Ouai Dry Shampoo and Why You Need to Give Them a Try


Struggling with greasy, lifeless hair? We all know how hard it is to keep our hair looking fresh and bouncy. Washing your hair too often means needing to style it frequently and washing it too little results in greasy, dull and bland looking hair. The solution to all your hair problems is in this little bottle called Ouai Super Dry Shampoo! Read More