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Elf Cosmetics – Hydrating Bubble Mask

The Hydrating Bubble Mask by Elf Cosmetics is one of the best hydrating masks on the market and it cleans out pores too. Also its not called a bubble mask without reason- using it literally feels like a bubble bath on your face! Read on to find out all the benefits you’ll get from using this product:)

Hydrating Bubble Mask

The Hydrating Bubble Mask by Elf Cosmetics comes in a lovely aqua coloured, professional looking tub. It comes in a gel form which transforms into a bubble mask once applied to the face. The bubbles fizz and foam to remove all the dirt and to clean clogged pores. It leaves the skin looking radiant and healthy.

One of my favourite features of this mask is that even though it comes in a tub you do not have to double dip your hands into the product. I have always found double dipping to be very unhygienic. Here you are spending money and time to help your skin feel and look better, but meanwhile you are putting your fingers directly into the product and transferring who knows what at the same time. Another good point to having a product covered is that once it’s exposed to air, the ingredients break down. The Hydrating Bubble Mask comes with covered with a lid that you push down on to disperse some product.

Elf cosmetics


How to Use

Push down on the two sides of the top for it to disperse some product. Apply a thin layer to your skin, then sit back, relax and watch how it transforms into gentle fizzing bubbles. Let the mask sit for about 5-10 minutes, you will see the bubbles gradually go, then using your fingertips massage your face. Wash with warm water and pat dry. Use up to 3 times a week.

Does it Work?

What I found truly amazing about this product is that its suited for all skin types. Now I know there are a TON of products that claim they are for all skin types but this one really is. Two of my friends tested it out for me – one has oily skin with open pores and blackheads and other one has dry skin with blackheads on the nose. Both of them reacted saying their skin felt cleaner, more hydrated and with less blackheads. Amazing, no?! They both continue using it regularly and truly love it. This product really is for all skin types! A lot of people have said that it has helped their dry skin in a way that no other product was able to.

One thing to note is that the bubbles are a bit ticklish, however, it’s worth it because that’s what does all the hard work:) A few users said they accidentally got some product in their eyes which was incredibly painful so be careful when using it and watch out for your eyes.

My Thoughts  

I genuinely think this is a great product. It’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Its hygienic to use, adds radiance to your skin, moisturises it and performs miracles when it comes to stubborn blackheads. It’s also very reasonably priced. I highly recommend this Hydrating Bubble Mask by Elf Cosmetics so go and get your now:)

The container comes with 1.16oz / 33 grams.

Hydrating Bubble Mask by Elf Cosmetics can be bought here for $14.00 or here for £17.00.

If you have any questions about this product or you have used it before I would love to hear your views and experiences in the comments below:)

Hollie xx

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  1. I just have to say I love elf products because they’re so affordable and I just love this color they’re using in this product line. It’s so calming and spa like. I’ve never had a facial cleanser because I can never find one that interests me and is within my budget, but I’m interested in this! I so love that feature pump lid that keeps it hygienic. That’s a huge plus. Do you know how many uses it lasts for?

    1. I’ve been using mine once a day for a month or so now and it looks about half way. You’re right it looks very spa like but it also feels it:)

  2. I too love Elf products. I haven’t tried to Hydrating Bubble Mask just yet but I have seen some videos of it in use and I laugh just watching them! I’m sure it does tickle but I’m wondering if that tickle turns into an itch. That would be my only fear. $14 is well worth the cleansing effect that it has on your face. I think I’ll try it!

    1. I can imagine its quite funny to watch:) Some people did say it was a bit itchy but most people say there is no itchiness or irritation. Enjoy and let me know how you find it:)

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