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Cover FX Makeup Review – Custom Cover Drops

The Custom Cover Drops by Cover FX is a genius idea! Designed to make your life easier, instead of having 10 different base products for all your different needs, here’s one product that you can customise for all makeup base needs!

What are the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops?

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Ever heard of Cover FX Custom Cover Drops? They are exactly as they sound, they are Custom Cover drops. They are highly pigmented drops that you can add to your skincare regime to customise your colour and coverage.

The Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are not supposed to be used alone. You can add the Custom Cover Drops to many different products. It’s often hard to match your foundation colour exactly to your skin colour. By using these drops you can customise the colour to your needs. You can also add drops to your moisturiser or primer. This is perfect if you don’t like wearing a lot of makeup or if you like a more natural finish. It’s also perfect if you’re in a rush, then you can quickly add it to your primer or moisturiser and voila, one easy step and your foundation is done!

One reason these drops are loved by so many is that the coverage is in your hands, depending on your needs and your mood! You can customise the coverage by adding more or fewer drops. You can also customise the finish, for a matte finish mix a few drops to a matte product and for a radiant finish mix with oils or lotions. In short, the options are endless!

The drops are extremely versatile, the options and possibilities are endless, from the colour to the coverage to the finish. They can work with every skin type and every person’s individual preference for how they like their foundation.

The Shades and Coverage

The drops are available in 30 different shades ranging from very light to pretty dark with cool, warm and neutral undertones. There is an excellent range of colours, especially for lighter skin.

The lovely thing about the Custom Cover Drops is that you get to control the coverage by adding more or fewer drops. And it works brilliantly too!

1 Drop = Sheer Coverage
2 Drops = Medium Coverage
3 Drops = Full Coverage
4 Drops = Extra Full Coverage

The Custom Cover Drops are vegan and cruelty-free. Formulated with Lecithin-coated pigments to ensure smooth application and seamless blending.

Using the Custom Cover Drops

The concept behind the Custom Cover Drops is really brilliant, now we just need to see if they actually work! I decided to mix the Cover FX drops with my primer. I also decided to go for full coverage while testing it out to see if it really is the real deal.

I put my usual amount of primer in my hand and then I added four drops. It was really easy to mix together and it literally took around 5 seconds. I then proceeded to apply the mixture to my face. It applied beautifully! Once I finished applying it, my face looked ultra-smooth and flawless, with the coverage of a foundation, yet, it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything.

I kept an eye on my foundation throughout the day to see if it would last as well as it applied! Unsurprisingly, it did. It looked flawless throughout the day, there were hints of shininess towards the end of the day, but that is very normal, especially for my skin. Overall, it applies better than some of my favourite foundations and lasts better and longer.

My Thoughts

The Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are the real deal! if you don’t like wearing makeup, but still want some coverage then I recommend giving these a try because they are so easy to use, and very hard not to love! They have changed my makeup routine, especially on those days when I don’t have a second to spare (which happens all too frequently). They are an easy way to get custom coverage every day without investing in loads of different products! Choose your coverage daily depending on your mood and needs. And all with one product!

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops have been discontinued. Check out other makeup reviews here.

Hollie xx

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  1. Hi Hollie,
    I haven’t heard of these cover drops before but they sound like an absolute must-have product!
    I don’t always like to use foundation, I often prefer a natural look but my skin is quite sensitive and I need something to even and to cover the pink tone it gets. So I think this could be a good choice.
    But is this product suitable for sensitive skin? Does it contain fragrance or irritants?

    1. Sounds like you need these custom cover drops in your life! They are for sensitive skin and they are Vegan, Non- Comedogenic, free of the Inflammatory 5 Paraben, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc.

      Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Cover FX Custom Cover Drops look amazing!  What a great product and you can customize your colors with your foundation, what a great idea. I have been looking for something like this for ages and here it is.

    The price isn’t too bad and so versatile with your existing foundation, how many different colors do you have?  I can’t believe the great possibilities you have with this product, different finishes, colors, and coverage.  Thanks for the great review, this is worth telling my friends about, thanks.

  3. What an amazing product!  I’ve never heard of this type of a product before, but it is important because it is difficult finding the perfect foundation color for your skin type.  I have a particularly difficult time because I am sensitive to many products.

    Your description of a day wearing this product was really useful for me to learn how it would work during my day.



  4. Hi Hollie,

    I love the fact that this cover drops can be added to the moisturizer. I seldom use foundation, only for certain occasions. This product will be ideal to give colour to my rather pale look.

    Do you think this is suitable for a teenager? My daughter is at a stage where she is experimenting with makeups. I would rather she uses less for more.

    Thanks for bringing this product to light. 


    1. This is suitable for all ages including teenagers. I totally understand you’d rather she uses less than more- I tell that to my sister all the time, she is a teenager too! 

      Have a lovely day

  5. Hi Hollie, this is the first time I am hearing about this product and it seems like something I would like to have in my makeup collection. My skin colour is uneven on some parts of my face and my foundation alone never seems to do the trick. I also think that the dark area between my eyes and nose could improve with these drops. Is this better than using a concealer which might be more solid? Maybe, because I can mix it with my foundation. Right? Thanks for the information.

    1. You can mix it with your foundation but it is not made to use alone. It is to help you get the right colour so if you find your foundation is slightly off in some areas, go for it!

  6. I have a friend who is a great artist in make over work. The first time she used this product, she used be as her dummy, lols. She do that to know how perfect the product is. Believe me, these cover drop when mix with foundation,it make me look more vibrant. The drop was just two drops, not too much at all and it was perfect on me. Before encountering the product, I used to find it difficult in getting foundation that match my facial color. Am not good at it, maybe because am not a professional. But this product has changed the whole story. I know the product very well. This review about FX Custom Cover Drops Is interesting. 

    1. They are lovely drops and the trick to perfecting your makeup!

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