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How To Care For Your Feet In The Winter

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It’s easy in the winter to neglect your feet, after all no-one sees them! However, its during these winter months that we have to take extra care of our feet. The combination of the cold weather and heating in the houses causes our feet to dry out, which can lead to multiple other problems. Here are a couple of easy tips to help you care for your feet in the winter months, because you don’t want those feet of yours to get neglected!


Take off Wet Shoes and Socks Straight Away

This is one of the best preventative tips to keep. When your feet stay wet and cold, not only will it make you ill, but it will also leave you feet susceptible to bacteria which can lead to infections. If your shoes are wet then place them under a radiator when you take them off. This way, the next time you need to go out they’ll be dry and warm!


Indulge in Foot Baths

Treat your feet regularly to a warm foot bath. This can either be in a bath or you can use a bowl and just bath your feet. This is great for your feet because not only does it relax them, it will also increase circulation.


Use a Pumice Stone

pumic stone

Using a pumice stone or a foot scrub in the shower daily is one of the best ways to get rid of all those calluses and dry skin. Pumice stones are really easy to use and only add a couple of minutes to your shower. A few minutes every day can work wonders for your feet.


Moisturise your Feet Regularly

As we know these cold winter months cause our feet to dry out. To keep your feet from going rough and sore, moisturise them regularly. Moisturising your feet will help them stay soft and it will prevent them from cracking. My favourite foot cream is the Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream (I love Clarins!). Its for all skin types and seriously does magic. It softens hard skin and renews it. like all Clarins products it smells amazing too!


Don’t Forget to Cut your Toenails Regularly

This is one of my worst habits. Winter comes and no-one sees my toes or my toe nails and yup, I tend to neglect them. I let them grow too long, usually I remember that they must be too long when I start getting holes in my tights from my toes! (oops!) This is really bad because not only do I end up wasting good Marks & Spencer tights, it also makes my feet prone to ingrown toenails. Not a good way to go. So yes, don’t be lazy and cut your toes regularly!


That’s all my tips for now, I know a lot of people recommend foot masks but they are just not my thing. They are too messy and awkward to leave on the whole night. Let me know in the comments below if you are a fan of them and what you foot care routine is during the winter.


Hollie xx

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2 Responses

  1. Sharon

    Thanks for the tips, Hollie. I use the pumice stone regularly to get rid of the dry skin off my heels but never thought of using it on calluses. Does it really work? At times, my foot really hurts because of the pressure on it while walking, especially going down the stairs. I’ll just have to give it a try.

    Thanks again,

    • Hollie

      Hi Sharon, I find that it works great for me! Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

      Hollie x

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