can you make your pores smaller

Can You Make Your Pores Smaller?

If you’re reading this, I guess you have open pores. The first thing to do is to thank your Mom and Dad because it’s genetic! Just like the colour of your hair is genetic, so too, your skin and open pores are genetic.
Can you make your pores smaller? This is something I often get asked about. To be honest, it ain’t that simple, however, there are things that you can do to help them appear smaller.

Is there a permanent way to get rid of open pores?

The only permanent way to get rid of open pores is to get laser done. However, it is very expensive to do, so if you’re like me this is not really an option. Aside from laser, there is no other way to get rid of them properly. However, there are many ways that you can make your pores smaller. This is through looking after your skin with care.

Always use suncream

wear sun cream every day

Wearing sun cream is probably the most important way to look after your skin. When it comes to pores too. The sun breaks down the skin’s collagen which is responsible for keeping your skin tight and elasticised. When this happens often your skin becomes saggier and the pores become bigger. Help yourself help your skin and wear sun cream when you go out. The easiest way to do this is to choose a foundation that has SPF in it.

Cleanse Daily

Cleansing your skin daily is a must for anyone, yet even more so for those with open pores. That’s because the dirt that your skin collects over the day sits in your open pores. If you don’t clean them out it can create spots and breakouts on your skin.

Make sure to exfoliate

When you have open pores, exfoliating is extremely important because it removes all the dead cells. If you don’t remove the dead cells they will build up and create even bigger pores. Exfoliating will help to make them smaller. I recommend exfoliating about once a month.

Use a primer before you apply a base

nude by nature

Before you apply your foundation and concealer use a good primer. Priming creates a barrier between the skin and your makeup which protects your pores and makes them less noticeable. Not only does primer protect your skin but it also helps your makeup stay on for longer. My favourite primer is Nude by Nature– it’s all-natural so it’s even better as no junk will go into your pores.

Use products with retinol

Using products with retinol will help make your pores appear smaller. This is because retinol increases the cell turnover which unclogs the pores, thereby, making them smaller. Read my in-depth review on what retinol is and how it affects your skin here.

Don’t skip the moisturiser

Moisturising regularly helps your skin stay soft and hydrated. Dry skin produces more oil, and more oil clogs the pores. So that’s a no go- try to moisturise twice a day. A simple trick of mine is that I keep my moisturiser on my bedside table, that way it’s easy to do it when I go to sleep and when I wake up!

Next time you see a product promising to get rid of your open pores, you will know that there is no such thing. However, what it might do is reduce the size of them, making them appear smaller. This is really what you should be looking for in a product!
Remembering every step in your skincare routine is a real chore at times, I know all too well. Despite this, the results are often worth it. Make the effort to follow these steps and you won’t regret it. Also, remember that you will always have open pores and so will most other people. When you see perfect skin in magazines it has been photoshopped and no one actually has perfect skin like that. (If you want a photoshop tutorial on how to get perfect skin, let me know! I dabble in graphic design.)
Learn to love yourself from within and the outer won’t bother you as much! What better day to start than Valentine’s Day itself!

Have a beautiful and confident day!

Hollie xx

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  1. ajibola40 says:

    I find this article so informative. Sometimes I do search for something that don’t exit like product to use to  get rid of my open pores, in which I don’t know that there is no such thing.the only thing I can do it to manage it by Wearing sun cream u said in the article. But I want to ask a question on. How many hours can I wear sun cream daily and does it has side effect at a later stage when am getting old ?

    1. Sun cream doesn’t have a bad effect on your skin. It protects your skin.

  2. Anthony Hu says:

    Dear Hollie,

    Happy Valentine’s Day. Your article is a nice Valentine gift to me. 

    Perhaps I watch too much TV ads on this, I often hear that a beauty product get rid of open pores, which my wife loves. Now I know that there is no such thing. What we need to look for is a product reducing size of the pores and making them appear smaller.

    I will forward your detailed skin care protocol to my wife and inform her to take good care of her skin. Love herself from within.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Babsie Wagner says:

    My daughter actually just introduced me to primer, can you believe it?  I was missing out on something that has changed the way my whole face looks.  It’s so much smoother now, and you’re so right about the pores, it has practically made them disappear.  I’m so excited.  The exfoliating is critical, too, because the pores do look so much smaller when you take care of your skin.  I’ve always moisturized, and I avoid the sun, but I do have a lot of damage from the sun from my younger years.

    1. I’m still trying to introduce it to my mum but she doesn’t want to know! Primer is amazing!!

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