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8 Beauty Hacks That You Need In Your Life

I’m always looking out for hacks and shortcuts to make my beauty routine quicker and more efficient. I have put a few of my favourite ones together to share them with you:)

Use Green and Orange Concealer 

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Use complementary colours to balance out undertones. This is a brilliant hack, for red spots use a green concealer which is it’s complementary colour and it will make the spot as invisible as possible. Use orange concealer for blue or purple scarring and for the bags under your eyes which are often blueish/purple.

Highlighter above you brows


If you’re looking to lift your eyes you can now skip the surgery. Use highlighter above your eyes for an instant eye lift. It literally does magic!

Braid your hair for the perfect Beach Waves

braid hair

A simple way to skip having to do your hair in the morning is by braiding it the night before. When you wake up in the morning remove the braid and voila, you have the perfect beach waves.

Learn Where to Apply Perfume for It to Last all Day


When perfume only lasts about an hour it can be rather frustrating. There is a simple trick for this, apply perfume to the critical areas where your perfume will last all day. These are the inside of your wrists, behind your ears, inside your elbow, at the base of your throat and behind your knees.

Keep Lipstick Off Teeth

lipstick on teeth

Before I knew this hack I was quite complexed wearing lipstick in case it would go on my teeth. This is probably something everyone fears. You no longer have to worry about that happening with this tip. When you finish applying lipstick stick your finger in your mouth and then pull it out which will make that popping noise that you probably did as a kid. Your finger will clean away any extra lipstick so you no longer have to worry about getting any on your teeth.

Prevent Clumps in Mascara


Clumping mascara is one of the most annoying things ever. However, there is a really simple hack to stop your mascara from clumping. Simply run your mascara under hot water and there will be mo clumping!

Run out of Blush, Use…

lipstick as blush

No need to panic if you’ve run out of blush, instead you can use your favourite lipstick and blend it in. Trust me, no-one will notice, it looks just as good!

Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

tea bag

This is something that I regularly suffer from since I’ve got pretty sensitive eyes and this method really helps. Place 2 used teabags on your eyes, the caffeine will increase the circulation in your eyes, thereby getting rid of the puffiness.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favourite beauty hacks and that they have helped your beauty routine:) I’d love to hear your thoughts and any other great ideas in the comments below.

Hollie xx

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  1. This is a very cool article! I am always looking for beauty tips, especially for applying make up. I have never thought of using green concealer, but I think I will check it out. I enjoyed looking through your website, and found so much useful information. I plan to return back for future insights.
    Thank you, Heather

    1. Using different colours to balance your skin colour works like a charm. 

      Thank you and please do come back:) 

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